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Our Domain Solutions include Domain Name Registration services, Domain registration wholesale services, Domain registration retail services, Domain registration reseller services & corporate domain management services.

Here are some critical factors in choosing the right domain name for your business.
- Keep it short. - Make sure it is easy to spell. - Make sure it is easy to pronounce on the phone.
- Use simple and plain English. - Use real words from the dictionary.
- Use search engine keywords.
- Keep it descriptive! Use words which describe exactly what you do.
- Keep it simple and don't confuse your audience. - Use a popular and mainstream domain extension.
- Choose the right domain extension for your market or country.
- And finally, check your spelling before you buy and register online.

Shared Web-Hosting
CGS Infotech provides a variety of quality cost effective Shared
Web-Hosting. With CGS Infotech you get a
- Guaranteed 99.5% up time - 24/7 server monitoring and support
-Fast and redundant connection
- Generous amounts of bandwidth at an affordable price.
CGS offers full-range of web-services to enable you to register and host your websites.
CGS web-services include:
Ø Domain name registration
Ø Shared web-hosting
Ø Dedicated servers
Ø Co-location servers
Ø Managed Hosting
Ø Cpanel linux hosting
Ø Fantastico hosting
Ø Joomal hosting
Ø Mambo hosting
Ø Oscommerce hosting